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WARNING / Update 2023-02-28: This information getting really ancient, and will probably not be of use to anyone when installing a recent version of lxc. I will be leaving this online just for reference, but please be warned that these instructions will probably not work on any recent version of lxc!


Welcome to my brand new wiki on a recent topic: virtualization on Linux with LXC containers.

This is not the first wiki on this subject (and not my first wiki on Linux). Though there are many proper ones (like the one from Bodhi Zazen, on IBM and HowToForge and the Debian LXC Wiki) to get started, I didn't find one that helped me 100% getting things running. These pages here are set up to help me remember what problems I encountered, and the way I solved them. In good spirit I allow you to read them but no guarantees at all it will help you. And please do leave a comment, it doesn't cost you anything and is highly appreciated!

Currently (10 Dec 2010), there is only little and very unstructured text to find here to aid you with LXC linux containers (you might even find some dutch words here and there). I'm working around the clock to get this site stuffed with all my knowledge on this subject, but that may take a few weeks. Last modified at (see bottom of page). Besides information on LXC these pages will also show how to setup common linux software (and on which container I'm using what). Perhaps I'll split them into 2 wikis in the future. BTW: I work harder when I get motivational e-mail :-)


I'll show you:

Then, I will create a virtual machine and make a template out of it (vm-template), and some adjustsments I like:

After this part, I will show you which software I installed on each vm for its specific task, with configuration details.

  • vm-net (networking stuff: ipv6+sabnzbd, internet firewall, nat, dnat/port forwaring, shorewall?)
  • vm-stor (storage: samba+cups file+printer sharing, backup of data (and vm's?), quota, clamav?, encryption? of mail, data?)
  • vm-web (webserver: apache2, php, perl, dokuwiki[this website including plugin configuration], logging, mysql?
  • vm-mon (monitoring: monit/munin, system status, external temperature/humidity sensor, network status, traffic stats, diskspace, ….. )
  • vm-mail (mailserver: postfix, courier-imap (and courier imap ssl), procmail, spamassassin)
  • vm-ldap (ldap server, password management, address book, phonebook, database for name/pc-id/mac-address + dhcp/dns info)


If you link to this site, or bookmark it, use the URL” (and please inform me)

My other wiki's are on VoIP / Asterisk PBX, the Linux on the Linksys NSLU2 and FreeBSD 6.2. You're welcome to visit them, although they haven't been updated recently.

I'll try to get a feedback form online soon [DONE!], but in the meantime, please e-mail any errors, comments, suggestions, requests & compliments ;) You can contact me at (yes, that is an e-mail address, replace the at, remove the spaces).

Sebastiaan Giebels ~~DISCUSSION|Please leave a comment or any feedback!~~

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