After the installation of the 'lxc' package on the vm-mgr, you might have read "lxc init script disabled; edit /etc/default/lxc.". Now we're going to do exactly that.

Make a symlink of the lxc configuration file into /etc/lxc/ :

root@vm-mgr:/# ln -s /lxc/vm-template/config /etc/lxc/vm-template.conf

(do the same with the other vm's you have)

nano /etc/default/lxc
# Run the lxc init script

# Directory containing the container configurations

# Start /etc/lxc/example.conf, /etc/lxc/autostart.conf, etc.
CONTAINERS="vm-template vm-template2 vm-template3 vm-etc"

Will be called from '/etc/init.d/lxc'

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