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vm-mon monitoring:

  • status of every vm (RUNNING, runlevel, per vm diagnostics)
    • vm-mail: check postfix relaying with telnet script, check imap server too
  • firewall check (for other vm's)
  • connectivity (ipv6, dns, web?); indien geen internetverbinding. restart netwerk. indien dat niet werkt: herstart pc
  • motherboard/proc temp + power
  • diskspace
  • S.M.A.R.T. status via HDPARM en evt. raid status??
  • check for defunct tightvncserver
  • check for defunct nfs daemon [rpc.nfsd] <defunct>
  • Temperature / humidity inside+outside with Sensirion SHT11

perl -MCPAN -e shell

install Device::SerialPort</code>
* power/gas/water consumption (manual entry required)
* bash history logging across all vm's, clean history on each vm for security
apt-get rrdtool cacti?

lxc-cgroup provides details (numbers) and is probably the only way that a munin plugin could get information about the containers

TODO: rrdtool testen, handmatig

Please leave feedback or questions at the main page.

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